I did not get up this morning thinking, I am going to start a blog today. It happened later in the day, when I thought to myself, I would like to have the experience of blogging about something, but what could I talk about that hasn't already been said? This led to further conversation about what do I like to talk and think about:

  • Working in a public library
  • Reading books
  • Reading books about ghosts
  • Reading books about disasters and end-of-the-world scenarios
  • Watching movies about the above
  • Talking to my teenage children about the above

So what can I do with those interests? I can write my blog on the horror and disaster books that find at the library and read. I can write about the ghost stories and movies and television shows that catch my attention. I can write about art and music, too, as it applies to the stories. Will this be something that interests anybody but me? I don't know, but it will get me thinking about a genre which I particularly like. If it turns out that I can share my thoughts with others, that will be a bonus! 

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